Acco Isolate Insulation

Acco Isolate Insulation, also known as Acoustic Insulation, is an Open Cell Oxide Acetate Foam which is comprehensively utilized for a large number of acoustical applications.
Being the best acoustical insulation materials manufacturer in India, Paramount Intercontinental manufactures this product using 100% in-house foam technology. This is an exclusive product from the company.

Acco Isolate Insulation produced by renowned acoustical insulation materials manufacturer such as Paramount, is considered to be the world’s best material for excellent vibration and noise control upto 90%. The product is far better than Nitrile Rubber and XPE foam.

Being a highly innovative blend of Nitrile Rubber and XPE foam, this material is UV protective and has Class 0 fire properties as per BS 476 part 6. It finds applicability in AC Ducting, D.G. Looms, Building Walls and Partitions etc. With Paramount Intercontinental being the only manufacturer of Acco Isolate Insulation the world over, the company holds the privilege of being one of the most reliable and dependable acoustical insulation materials suppliers in India.