Reflective Insulation

Reflective Insulation is one of the most effective materials produced by Paramount Intercontinental which is India’s one of the leading reflective insulation sheet manufacturers. It is widely utilized in warm climates to keep the buildings cool. Just opposite to other insulation materials, reflective insulation made available by renowned reflective insulation sheet suppliers in India such as Paramount does not degrade over time owing to disintegration and moisture absorption capability.

Reflective Insulation sourced from the reputed reflective insulation material suppliers can reflect upto 90% sun’s heat in a well efficient manner. It is extremely thin and fairly lightweight when compared to other insulation materials made by reflective insulation material manufacturers. These properties and attributes make it an extremely easy insulation material to work with.

Reflective insulation foam is very comprehensively used in roofing, walls treatment, and particularly in those areas that are immensely bigger in size. Reflective insulation material is also none toxic and none carcinogenic, and these properties make it safer and easy to install with the need of minimal safety equipments.