FR-XPE (Chemically Crosslinked Closed Cell Fire Retardant Polyethylene Insulation

Paramount’s FR – XPE is a chemically crosslinked closed cell fire retardant polyethylene insulation foam) that offers thermal insulation, moisture resistance and
sound absorbption. It has a smooth surface, great shock absorption and chemical
resistivity manufactured by Paramount Intercontinental which is one of the noted xpe foam sheets manufacturers in India. FR-XPE is extensively extensively used for duct insulation, chilled water and hot water applications, over deck/under deck insulation, floor insulation and wall insulation.

Being one of the leading xpe foam sheets suppliers in India, Paramount Intercontinental started manufacuring XPE in India for the first time in 2003. This product made by reputed foam sheets manufacturers like Paramount is an excellent insulation material that is ideal for both cold and warm conditions ranging between -40° C to +115° C.

Salient features of XPE include the following:

  • FR-XPE is Non-Sensitive to vapor and offers excellent resistance to chemicals, insects, bacteria and rodents.
  • Produced by a reputed XPE Foam Manufacturer in India like Paramount Intercontinental, FR-XPE is an ultra thin and flexible material that can be very easily cut into pieces by Scissors Or Knife.
  • It has excellent life-long thermal performance, high compressive strength, closed cell structure, and no water absorption.
  • Absolutely Environment Friendly product and UV Resistant