Water Proofing Foam Sheets

Paramount Intercontinental, one of India’s leading waterproofing foam sheets manufacturers, produces high quality Water Proofing Foam Insulation Sheets. These sheets are an ideal choice for Roof Tops of homes and various other spaces which are more prone to direct sunlight, snow and unfavorable atmospheric conditions which cause decay of building material, and thus leakage over a period of time. Coating of High Polymer content Oxide Acetate sheets are highly recommended at such places to prevent seepage.

Paramount membranes act as a barrier between building and the climate outside. These Water Proofing Foam Sheets made available by reputed waterproofing foam sheets suppliers such as Paramount Intercontinental are highly recommended for areas, where surface is exposed to whether direct sunlight, heat, ozone or gases. Paramount Intercontinental is the largest company in India dealing in supreme quality Water Proofing Foam Sheets.