Thermo Isolate Insulation

Thermo Isolate Insulation is a crosslinked closed cell Oxide acetate foam. Paramount Intercontinental is one of the leading duct pipe insulation products suppliers in India. The product finds its comprehensive applications in the following-

  • AC Ducting
  • Chilled Water Piping
  • Under Deck/Over Deck In RCC Roofing &
  • Metallic Roofing Etc.

Paramount Intercontinental which is a leading thermal insulation materials manufacturer in India exclusively produces this product, using 100% in-house foam technology. Add to that, Paramount is the sole manufacturer of this product the world over.

The main functionality of Thermo Isolate Insulation (Duct & Pipe Insulation) is to block the heat transfer. This foam made available by oxide acetate foams suppliers like Paramount offers mechanical strength of XPE foam and the flexibility of Nitrile Rubber. In short, Thermo Isolate Insulation blends the advantages of both products. This UV resistive product also has class 0 fire properties as per BS 476 part 6.