Paramount Intercontinental has extensive foam manufacturing capabilities that allows us to offer a range of chemically crosslinked closed-cell XPE foam sheets and pipes section in any size an application might require and Open-Cell Oxide Acetate foam for Acoustical Applications.

Our sprawling production unit is equipped with advanced technology Crosslinked PE Foam manufacturing lines.


This is then fed to the Mother Sheet Extrusion line for the extrusion process and achieving desired thickness as per various industry standards. It is in the extruders that the sheets are mixed with foaming agents to achieve 3mm-100mm sheets in continuous roll form.


The foam sheets are then passed through pre-heated oven chambers for cross-linking. Paramount has in-house capability to offer XPE foam sheets in both open cell and closed cell techniques.

Slitting and Bonding

Considering the varied demands of the industry, XPE Foam is offered in varying thickness and laminations. An in-house setup of advanced slitting machines enable the company to offer precise longitudinal cuts. Slitting is followed by the lamination process, if required, where the company has the capability to offer XPE Foam sheets in - Metallised polyester foil lamination, Aluminum foil lamination, and UV barrier film lamination.

Compounding & Mixing

The manufacturing process start with the compounding, the PE Resin is mixed in Kneaders with the crosslinking agent, the eco-friendly blowing agent and additives (colours) process. The compounded material is then mixed with soft plastic granules in the Silos.

Packing & Dispatch

Depending upon the type of final product i.e. Foam Sheet, Rolls, or preformed pipe sections insulated with XPE Foam, the products are examined for a final stage check before being dispatched. The company also lays great emphasis on on-time deliveries to match and exceed customer expectations.

This unparalleled array of advanced technology equipment lends a leading edge to the company to place itself as the trusted domestic manufacturer and supplier of insulating products that are at par with global standards.