Acco Isolate Acoustic Insulation

Acco Isolate Acoustic Insulation is an Open Cell Oxide Acetate Foam which that has sound absorption and sound insulating properties. It is a unique material made using Paramount’s in-house foam technology and especially designed to meet the most demanding requirements of noise, vibration, and shock insulation. Acco-Isolate acts as a membrane absorber across the full frequency spectrum including low, mid, and high frequencies, and offers a quieter environment and
healthier sound space.It has Class 0 fire properties as per BS 476 part 6. It does not produce fire particles and prevents flame propagation and is recommended as the ideal choice for residential areas and public buildings. Ideal for both cold and warm conditions ranging between – 40° C to +100° C, it also provides moisture resistance, contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which makes it a great choice for air conditioner duct lining. It finds applicability in HVAC Ducting, D.G. Rooms, Building Walls and Partitions etc.

Thermo Isolate Insulation (Duct & Pipe Insulation)

It is a crosslinked closed cell Oxide acetate foam used for thermal insulation in AC Ducting, chilled water piping, under deck/over deck in RCC Roofing, and metallic roofing etc. This is an exclusive product made using 100% in-house foam technology, and Paramount is its sole manufacturer in the world. The principal functionality of this product is to block the heat transfer.

Thermo Isolate Pipe Insulation is a Crosslinked closed cell Oxide acetate foam manufactured by Paramount Intercontinental – India’s leading pipe insulation foam manufacturer. The product finds applications in the following-

  • Chilled Water Piping
  • Hot Water Piping
  • Copper Piping/UPVC
  • Drain Piping Etc.

Thermo Isolate Pipe Insulation is utilized in the temperature range of – 40 Deg C to +115 Deg C. This is an exclusive product made by Paramount which is one of the leading pipe foam insulation manufacturers in India. The company makes use of 100% in-house foam technology for the manufacturing of Thermo Isolate Pipe Insulation, being the sole manufacturer of this product the world over.

The primary function of Thermo Isolate Pipe Insulation is to block the heat transfer. This foam made available by pipe insulation material suppliers like Paramount offers the flexibility of Nitrile Rubber and mechanical strength of XPE foam. In short, it combines the advantages of both products. This UV resistive product also has class 0 fire properties as per BS 476 part 6.

FR-XPE (Chemically crosslinked closed cell fire retardant polyethylene insulation)

It is a chemically Crosslinked closed cell fire retardant foam used for duct insulation,chilled water and hot water applications, over deck/under deck insulation, floor insulation and wall insulation. Produced in India by Paramount Intercontinental for the first time in 2003, this product is an excellent insulation material for both cold and warm conditions ranging between – 40 oC to + 115 oC. It is non sensitive to vapor and offers excellent resistance to chemicals, insects, bacteria and rodents. Being a thin and flexible material, it can be easily cut by scissor or knife.

Reflective Insulation

This is one of the most effective materials to be used in warm climates to keep the buildings cool. Contrary to other insulations, reflective insulation does not degrade over time owing to disintegration and moisture absorption capability. It can reflect up to 90% sun’s heat in an efficient manner. It is very thin and fairly lightweight in comparison to other insulation materials, making it extremely easy to work with. It finds application in roofing, walls treatment, and particularly in those spaces which are profusely bigger in size. Reflective insulation is also none toxic and none carcinogenic, and these properties make it safer and easy to install with the need of minimal safety equipments.

Water Proofing Foam Sheets


The Water Proofing Foam Sheets from Paramount Intercontinental are an ideal material for Roof Tops of homes and other spaces which are more prone to sunlight, snow and unfavorable atmospheric conditions that causes decay of building material, and thus leakage over a period of time. Coating of High Polymer content Oxide Acetate sheets are highly recommended at such places to prevent seepage. Paramount membranes act as a barrier between Building and the climate outside.These Water Proofing Sheets are highly recommended for areas, where surface is exposed to whether direct Sunlight, Heat, ozone or gases.

ADHINS™ - Synthetic Rubber Adhesive

ADHINS™ Adhesive Core Range includes products which are especially designed for the Insualtion industry .They are resistant to impact, high temperatures, water and chemicals. The range also offers a variety of viscosities and adhesives that are easy-to-handle with fast curing

ADHINS™ Spray is a synthetic rubber-based adhesive for spray application.  It is specially designed for foam-to-foam, foam-to-wood, foam-to-rexine, fabric and non-woven carpets for furniture and automobile industries.

It offers quick drying time and instant bonding

ADHINS™ - Protective Coatings

Paramount offers a range of protective coatings like FR Paint, UV Coat and Air Seal Acrylic Sealant.

ADHINS™ UV Coat is designed to be used in Duct insulation and chilled water piping insulation to protect the insulation from Ultra Violet rays when insulation exposed to sun and for mechanical protection from wear and tear and protection in case of fire.

The application of UV Coat is very easy as it offers ready-to-use single-go coating with no mixing and no waste. This transparent coating is crystal clear in appearance offering life-time protection with no yellowness even under direct sun exposure. Being very flexible, this coating does not crack, chip or peel over time, and provides great adhesion on almost all materials including polished metals, ceramics, stones and plastics.

ADHINS™ Fire-Retardant Paint is a water-based fire-retardant intumescent paint for fire & heat protection that can be applied to most building materials. It provides up to 2 hours of fire rating with a minimum number of coats on structural steel including galvanized steel, mild steel, stainless steel, ductwork & electrical cables, drywall, internal metal, sheet metal, concrete surfaces, sheetrock, composite panels, and interior wood. It is approved for interior as well as general-purpose applications and is excellent for fire-rated duct works like Ventilation Fire Ductwork, Smoke Exhaust Ductwork, Car Park Ventilation Ductwork, Kitchen Exhaust Ductwork, and Pressurization Ductwork.


ADHINS™ Air-Seal Acrylic Sealant is an easy-to-use, highly flexible, one-part, water-based duct sealant. It has been formulated to seal and fill gaps of low-movement metal assembly joints in low, medium, and high-pressure HVAC ductwork installations to prevent air leaks. It is suitable for interior and exterior applications and combines high joint movement characteristics with excellent weather resistance. Due to its Low VOC content and food-grade nature, it is safe to be used in confined spaces.